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Prosperity of India

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'Prosperity of India' is the title that I have given to this book simply because I am an Indian by birth. Actually the principles that I have laid down in this book are applicable to any country or nation that wants its people- not merely a few individuals, but the entire nation - to be prosperous.  

I believe in economic equality because the sun and the moon, the air and the soil, the mountains and the rivers are Nature's gifts to humanity and no individual or groups of individuals can claim sole ownership to these gifts. I believe in freedom and justice, because man who is an amalgam of perishable flesh and immortal spirit has come into this world with a purpose to achieve and a destiny to fulfil which could be accomplished only in an atmosphere of freedom and justice. I believe in democracy and One World Government because the demarcations of caste, race, community and creed with which humanity has divided itself are artificial and an anachronism in the present scientific age.

The economic, social and political principles that I have enunciated in this book are firmly rooted in these beliefs.