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Directorate of Digital Solutions

Connecting WCSC Digitally & Globally

Directorate of Digital Solutions was formed with the objective of spreading Vethathiri SKY Yoga to the World Digitally and enable various Directorates to garner technology to meet their objectives. Directorate of Digital Solutions is to provide a platform for WCSC through Digital & Social Media for Local & International SKY Yoga outreach. The Directorate endeavours going beyond linguistic and geographical boundaries and create International platform/forum for SKY Yoga.


The Directorate is involved in various Digital Projects of WCSC, thereby bringing about a qualitative transformation in information gathering, analysis, usage, dissemination, and digital unification.

SKY Yoga Online

            SKY Yoga Online was launched in July 2020 by WCSC - Digital Solutions. SKY Yoga Online aims at taking Vethathiri SKY Yoga to every individual around the Globe, whether the person lives in the posh Metropolitan city or in any remote corner of the World. The Online Courses are designed, customized and conducted using high end technology, superior quality videos, globally acclaimed SKY Masters with Live interactions, personalized attention, convenient timings to suit different time zones, etc.

           Currently Foundation Course, Kayakalpa Course and Certificate Courses (covering three Introspection levels and Brahmagnanam - course on the Science of the Ultimate Reality) are conducted in 4 different languages English, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.  In addition, informative, transformative and unique, customized Self Learning programs are available which helps one to learn at one’s own convenient time and place of comfort.

Poornam – Digital Unification of WCSC

Through an internal CRM portal, Poornam aims at connecting WCSC and its various arms Digitally. Vision of Poornam is to Integrate WCSC, Centres, Trusts, Directorates around the Globe through automation, effective use of Technology and creating an effective, efficient decision making tool, sophisticated dashboards etc.

SKY Kalanjiyam

A service provided to the various Centers and Trusts to obtain for high quality International level posters and videos for their local promotion and usage. This is an endeavor to create an International brand with high quality promotion content.

Digital Solutions continuously aims to support, encourage, and empower all the wings and centres of WCSC in spreading Vethathiri Maharishi’s teachings throughout the globe under the futuristic contemporary vision of WCSC President SKM. Maelianandan.

WCSC-Digital Solutions through its website - provides repository of information about WCSC, its Directorates, Programs offered - Online, Residential, SKY Centres located across the World etc. Siddha appointment, Buy books online, Meditation in 10 languages, Daily Updates and inspirations in over 26 local and International languages, details of Village Service Project, Maharishi College details , over 100 Research papers, Integrated Health Management camp managed by R&D etc. are all available in the website –

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