SKY Yoga

  • Simplified Kundalini Yoga

    Transform your life with Health, Peace, Happiness & Prosperity.

    Shri Vethathiri Maharishi, a spiritual leader, developed the SKY Yoga

    [Simplified Kundalini] system after his years of intense meditation, yogic practices, researchand spiritual realizations.

    The SKY Yoga system includes:

    i) Simplified Physical Exercises for Health

    ii) Meditation Practices for Inner Peace

    iii) Kaya Kalpa Yoga for Anti Aging

    iv) Introspection for Happiness

  • SKY Simplified Physical Exercises for Health

    Based on bio-magnetism, the system of simplified physical exercises developed by Shri Vethathiri Maharishi after years of intense research, fulfills the need of maintaining the proper circulation of blood, heat, air, energy and bio-magnetism, ensuring maintenance of health and prevention of disease in a gentle way.

    It develops the immunity system and thus acts as a preventive and as a curative to various diseases. An effective package of Simple Physical Exercises is designed to regulate the flow of blood heat, air and life force in the body leading to good physical health.

    Simplified Kundalini Yoga is the practice to utilize the life-force for the object of meditation; merging the mind with the life-force takes one to the subtlest frequency, which enhances awareness and furthers intellectual sharpness and understanding.

    By sincere practice of meditation, the senses come under the control of our mind and we do our actions with constant awareness of the cause and effect system. Kundalini is the life-force; the energy of the body and mind.

  • Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY) Meditation Practice

    “Meditation is a practice to commune the consciousness with the vast universe.”
    – Shri Vethathiri Maharishi

    In SKY practice various stages of meditation are given to an individual

    i) A trained master initiates the student into meditation practice, intensifying the working center of his life-force at Agna Chakra (between the eyebrows) so as to focus there and meditate.

    ii) After a few days of the initial practice, energy increase in the upper centers may be felt excessively. At this point the student is taught Shanti Yoga.

    iii) The next stage of practice is Thuriya Yoga, which is meditation at the crown chakra, i.e. Sahasradara or Brahmarandra.

    iv) Higher level techniques of meditation include Thuriateeth Yoga, Panchentria Meditation [Meditation on the five senses of Human body], Pancha Bootha Navagraha Meditation [Meditation on the Five Elements, Nine Planets, Manonmani, Nithyanandam, Nine Point Meditation (Onbothu Maiyam) where the fractional state of consciousness unites with the infinite state of consciousness. By sincere practice the student can advance from the limited body consciousness to soul consciousness and ultimately to God consciousness.

    v) A separate technique of meditation is also taught to strengthen the mind and body in resistance to the adverse effects of planetary transits.

    vi) Practices are also given to understand and increase one’s personal biomagnetism for physical and mental optimum strength. One is also taught to use biomagnetism for helping others by passing energy in certain cases.

  • Benefits

    i) Reduces the mental frequency.

    ii) Enhances awareness.

    iii) Improves intellectual sharpness and understanding.

    iv) Increases the will power and concentration.

    “One recent study found evidence that the daily practice of meditation thickened the parts of the brain’s cerebral cortex responsible for decision making, attention and memory.

    Sara Lazar, a research scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital, presented preliminary results last November that showed that the gray matter of 20 men and women who meditated for just 40 minutes a day was thicker than that of people who did not.”Read the complete article from the TIME magazine here .

    Eligibility for SKY Meditation Practice

    The SKY meditation can be practiced by those who have attained physical maturity (age above 14).

    Four Process

    Meditation, Introspection, Sublimation, Perfection

    Three Developments

    Expansion of the mind, Understanding law of nature, Awareness of thought, word & deed

    Five Benefits

    Perspicacity, Receptivity, Adaptability, Magnanimity, Creativity

    Five Results

    Harmony, Satisfaction, Happiness, Wisdom, Peace

    SKY Kaya Kalpa Yoga for Anti Aging

    It is a practice devised by ‘Siddhas’, the wise ancestral sages, to intensify the vital energy
    and thus enhance the quality of life.

    It has a three-fold objective:

    i) maintaining youthfulness and physical health;

    ii) withstanding the ageing process;

    iii) live a full span of quality life;

    Kaya Kalpa gives significant physical, mental as well as spiritual benefit by intensifying our life-force. As this practice is a restructuring process of the body in a natural way, no medicines or herbs are involved.

    Significant results have been observed in various types of heriditary diseases, chronic diseases and in overall improvement of general health. Kaya Kalpa helps cure and prevent diseases and relieves the practitioner of many of the troubles of ageing.

    The Kaya Kalpa can be done by those who have attained physical maturity (age above 14).
    We need to spend only 5 minutes every morning and evening.
    These exercises can be taught in 3 hours time by the SKY Professors.

    SKY Introspection for Happiness

    A practical methodology for sublimating the negative emotions of greed, anger, vengeance, worries, etc.

    Introspection techniques and discourses on various aspects of Self, Society and Nature.

    Introspection includes

    i) practices of self-analysis designed to take stock of positive and negative characteristics in our personality.

    ii) eliminate the unwanted and incompatible aspects of one’s character.

    iii) Strengthen the habits of good thought, word and deed and discerning and rejecting the habits which are unwanted.

    The five techniques of introspection are:

    i) Analysis of Thoughts

    ii) Streamlining of Desires

    iii) Neutralization of Anger

    iv) Eradication of Worries

    v) Realization of Self


    Residential Courses

    Simplified Kundalini Yoga for Holistic Health. Held in Aliyar Temple of Consciousness also in 280 SKY Trusts.All Courses Conducted By Vision Education.It provides a thorough grounding in meditation, Kayakalpa yoga, introspection and physical exercise

    Eligibility : Boys and Girls above 14 years

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    University Courses

    Courses with Universities collaboration with 19 Universities and Held in 330 Learning Centers. Unless we learn to be flexible and adopt ourselves to our surroundings,we would not be able to enjoy all the benefits of life.

    Eligibility : Under Learning centre concept

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