• The process of analyzing and getting a total understanding of oneself.

    Introspection is a practical methodology for sublimating the negative emotions of greed, anger, vengeance, etc., Between Thuriya and Thuriateetham the aspirant has to put himself though some important psychic practices under the process of Introspection in order to have his character reformed, to get enlightenment and to enjoy peaceful and happy life.

    Synopsis :

    • Practical self-analysis tools designed to take stock of positive and negative characteristics in your personality.

    • Eliminate the unnecessary and incompatible aspects of your character.

    • Strengthen the habits of good thought, word, deed and discerning and rejecting the habits unwanted.

    Five primary aspects of Introspection

    • Analysis ofThoughts.

    • Moralization of Desires.

    • Neutralization of Anger.

    • Eradication of Worries.

    • Who am I – Realization of the Self?.

    These practices will make a man to understand the value of his own existence. By constant research and by leading a virtuous way of life, he dissipates the imprints of sins day by day. As a result, the soul becomes pure and perfect and his mind is peaceful.


    • By exposition and practical techniques of introspection, one is enabled to suitably modify his or her hereditary and past traits.

    • One is able to change one’s personality and bring out the latent talent and innate strength resulting in cheerful and successful life.

    • The process of analyzing and getting a total understanding of oneself. A systematic practice to get this understanding and to lead a life without causing pain to self and others.

    Two fold moral principle

    • In my lifetime, I will not cause harm to the mind or body of myself or others, in the present or in the future.

    • I will try to remove the suffering of others to the maximum extent possible.

    Introspection helps us to achieve the two fold moral principle framed by Shri Vethathiri Maharishi to lead a harmonious life.

    While Introspection enables us to identify the necessary steps for bringing about a harmonious transformation, Simplified Kundalini Yoga strengthens and provides the necessary power, to our mind and thoughts emanating from it, to complete the transformation.

    Stages of Introspection

    Undertaken after basic training in physical exercises and SKY meditation, the SKY practitioner, is put into Three stages of introspection. The philosophy they learn during these stages are as follow

    • Introspection I

    • Introspection II

    • Introspection III

    Swamiji’s poem on Introspection

    The state of Awareness Is the light of lights with which you should rescue and steady your untrained mind, that is now being tossed about in a whirl pool, as it were of likes and dislikes. Introspection intense Would charge your life with love, and consciousness would develop to trace its origin. Truth would shine forth In pristine effulgence and misery would abate in the onset of peacefulness. Then and then alone, Would you be enabled to terminate for good.