Vethathiri Maharishi UNO Speech

  • Vethathiri Maharishi UNO Speech

    Vethathiri Maharishi’s immortal lecture at United Nations Organization, New York, U.S.A. on 9th January 1975.

    “Dear Friends, I am very much glad to see all of you gathered here with a noble aim of hearing something about spiritual development. The spiritual knowledge is very important to make our life perfect and to maintain peace in the life of one and all on the Globe.

    This great Organization U.N.O. has been started and is functioning only with the aim of establishing peace among mankind.In both political and economic fields, the U.N.O. strives hard to bring peace.

    ”It is a noble scheme to bring the representatives of all nations under one roof and make them think about the international peace which is the only hope of survival of mankind against the dangerous atomic weapons. The world of philosophical wisdom and intellectuals of international thought will appreciate the useful works of U.N.O.

  • Spiritual Knowledge Development:

    Invitation issued by U.N.O

    Here I have to point out one more things which are also very much important for peace. That is the development of spiritual knowledge among mankind.Of course material comforts are essential for peaceful life but without spiritual knowledge, material comforts alone will not bring satisfaction or peace in life.

    Here I will give an example. Food, shelter and clothes are the important commodities in materials comforts. Please visualize the whole world and the available stocks of these three main commodities.

    The clothes in stock at present will be sufficient for the next two years for all people even though the whole world stops production at once. Similarly, the present stock of food will be sufficient for one year. If the shelters are restricted to the area of actual need no one in the world will have to suffer for want of shelter. With some persons and with some countries these commodities may be less; and with others they are in surplus. The development of spiritual knowledge only will enable mankind to share all the needs with love, respect and responsibility.

    The love which blossoms in a man as a natural process by spiritual development will enable him to understand the feelings of others, to respect the needs and ambitions of others and to cooperate in the effort of satisfactory living by willing sacrifice on one’s own physical, financial and intellectual abilities.

    Therefore, in addition to the efforts for increasing the material comforts by political and economic means, an opportunity for spiritual development in the human society should be provided so that all deserving persons will develop spiritual knowledge in time.

    Let us consider: What is the spiritual development? In the process of living, the mind is the nucleus and important phenomenon. When one understands the values and wonders of the mind, he can enjoy life successfully and happily.

    Life force and mind:

    “As the mind is only the psychic extension of the life force, it is imperative first to know about the life force which is the base of the mind. The life force and the mind both are secret phenomena in the personality of man. These cannot be understood by any of our conventional five senses.

    ”It is only by a systematic psychic practice, with the mind tracing its own base, the existence and functions of both the life force and the mind and their relationship with one another can be understood. Such a psychic practice is called ‘meditation’ or ‘Kundalini Yoga’.

    Kundalini is the name of the fundamental supreme universal energy, the divine spirit. The life force in any living being is a part and parcel of the universal force, which governs the universal functions. In fact, it is the association of such force (energy-particles) in various intensities that conditions all the manifestations.

    “Therefore, it is to be understood that the spirit is the basic principle of all the physical manifestations as well as the psychic function, the mind. Realization of the spirit, its existence,functions and results is spiritual knowledge or wisdom.

    This is the Science of all sciences. Living with material knowledge alone is one sided load to the mind. For balanced life, spiritual knowledge also is a must.

    Realization of life force:

    “How to realize the spirit within us, which is working as the life force? Although the life force is pervading the entire body, it has a working centre in a particular place in the physical body. Generally the working centre of the life force is at the base of the spine which is called Mooladar by ancient yogis.

    Unless this centre is changed from Mooladar to Agna Chakra,the point between the eye-brows,the presence of the life-force cannot be perceived by the mind.“The ancient yogis tried to change the centre by breathing exercises or by chanting mantras.Both the methods were strenuous and time-consuming.

    Many years were required to bring the energy up,Meanwhile if the energy got stuck up on the way, the aspirant had to suffer from some ill-effects too. Therefore, family people could not practice and get the benefit of this yoga.

    ”Now, we have found out a safe, sure and quick method to bring up the working centre of the life force. A master trained in Kundalini Yoga can easily intensify the life force of an aspirant within minutes and bring it up by a touch method.

    After the master has fixed up the working centre of Kundalini power, the aspirant has to simply observe the force of the power mentally. This process becomes Meditation. Mere observation of the force mentally develops awareness of the mind, conserves the life force from wastage, and improves steadiness and peace of mind.

    By the mind observing its own base, the existence and functions of both the life force and mind and the relationship between them will be understood as a practical experience.“Activating the life force, the Kundalini power, from Mooladar and fixing it up at the Agna Centre of an Aspirant by an eminent master is the Initiation”.

    This is the first step in the spiritual practice. There are some other practices which are to be learnt and followed one by one. We, the members of the World Community Service Centre call this Kundalini Meditation as Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY).

    Simplified Kundalini Yoga:

    “SKY has four processes on the whole. They are:

    (1) Meditation, (2) Introspection, (3) Sublimation and (4) Perfection.

    Meditation develops will power and peace of mind.

    Introspection enlightens the knowledge and guides one as a life light.

    The process of Sublimation metamorphoses the character by gradual changes in one’s habits.

    Perfection is the fruit and significance of the spiritual development.

    The full course of SKY can be completed in ten sittings of one hour each.

    “Dear friends, man are a peculiar living being who is always struggling between habit and wisdom. After he is developed in thinking abilities, only through a systematic spiritual practice he can achieve the goal of perfection.

    “The aim of the World Community Service Centre is to spread the spiritual knowledge to the people of all nations. After a long period of research over forty years of my life, I found out that only spiritual knowledge will result in peace, within self, in the society and among nations.

    I formulated a safe and perfect method for spiritual development and am teaching it to deserving persons. I am ready to impart my knowledge to any friends who is willing to undergo the wonderful psychic practice SKY.

    With these words, I conclude my speech and wish all of you good health, long life prosperity and peace.”