One Month Camp

  • The 30 days hospitable camp is bound to touch individuals to bounce into a new beginning.
    – The Camp focuses on holistic health. People of all ages actively participate and exhibit enthusiasm in learning the course.

    A well planned, structured and individual based plan is formulated.


    There are 5 hours of practical (SKY Yoga practices) and 6 hours of SKY yoga theory every day. Well structured, intense, focussed and meticulously planned course design guides individuals to progress against the negativities of life and achieve success in all areas of life.


    the simplified physical exercise activates the energy centres in the body smoothening the working of the endocrine system which is responsible for the body’s overall functioning and aging process. The practice aids in weight loss, boost physical strength and endurance.


    the early hours in the campus of Temple of Consciousness, is habituated by taking a refreshing walk around the campus. The fresh breeze refills the scents of nature and calls forth everyone to relish the break of the dawn and to kick start every day with zeal.


    the techniques taught aims at developing flexibility in both the body and mind. The power of the mind is unimaginable and through meditative practices members will ultimately reach a point where they can throw out any unwanted thoughts or feelings before it can affect their equilibrium. Meditation unites us with the world and gives the feeling of Oneness.


    the flow of energy within the body is balanced and channelized, whereby the entire system is oxygenated and helps in rejuvenation. Rhythmic breathing revitalizes life and maximises physical and mental well-being.


    The culmination of Body and Mind. Suryanamaskar and other powerful yogic practices are taught.


    In addition to teaching the practices, the health of every individual is monitored over the period of the camp. Some of the significant medical
    changes are: –

    • Recording of bio vitals and investigations clinical pathology and biochemistry with ECG gives impressive consistent good results.

    • Dramatic fall HBA1C results diabetics’ 3 to 5 numbers with in a month’s duration which corresponding changes in the fasting and postprandial blood sugar levels.

    • Dyslipidaemia shows significant return towards normalcy.

    • Weight and BMI changes – Food that is given is more in tune with nature, naturopathy and Siddha Medicine is available on request (ancient south Indian sages medicine–using herbs and other natural ingredients), non-invasive medicinal treatment for all ailments.

    People who join the camp with mental fluctuation and hesitancy in the beginning, gradually sense how purposeful their time is being spent. They are overwhelmed with the tremendously rewarding benefits of each practice.

    Digital detoxification for Inner rejuvenation.

    A complete digital detoxification supervenes and shows the way for self-peace also bringing into light that technology should not hamper tranquillity and health, by putting a self-check to its usages and limit.