Homeopathy Medicine

  • Unique Aspects of Homoeopathy:

    Homeopathy’s Approach

    Homeopathy is based on a” whole person” approach. In homeopathy, the remedy or treatment program is customized and individualized to the patient, with the intent of removing the underlying cause.

    Homeopathic remedies have been described as “designer medicines.” While this might seem like a simplistic and trendy view of homeopathy, it is true that remedies are specially “designed” for individuals based upon their unique, and sometimes complex, state of being.

    How does homeopathy work?

    The theory behind the working of homeopathy is that the body of every human being contains a vital force within the body which regulates the functioning of the body. Due to reasons such as heredity, environmental conditions, stress etc, this vital force weaken causing disease. So, disease is nothing but a complex of certain symptoms observed in the human body.

    The homeopathic physician make a study of not only the symptoms the patient is complaining of, but of the entire patient himself. This leads to a picture of the patient. The physician then prescribes homeopathic medicine, which matches this picture. Now, the medicine so prescribed would have caused the same symptoms in healthy person during ‘drug provings’.

    This medicine is given in a highly diluted dose, so as to prevent side effects. This minute dose, creates a similar disorder in the vital force and provokes the vital force to react to the symptoms and overcome. Homeopathy medicines are given in a very low dosage. This is called as ‘potentisation’.

    Hahnemann discovered that the more the medicine was diluted (with alcohol or lactose), the more potent it became. So, homeopathy makes use of medicines in a very low form. For eg: a doctor may prescribe a medicine with potency C. What it means is that the medicine has been diluted to C (100 times), i.e: for every ninty-nine parts of the diluent, there is one part of the medicine.

    The question is how does such a small dose work? The medicines contain an internal energy which is transferred to the vital force leading to cure. Generally, there is a canard against homeopathy that it relies on placebo treatment, which is totally false. While the medicines may contain so less of the substance that it cannot be detected in a lab, it has been proved that these medicines are highly effective.