Homeopathy Basic Principles

  • Introduction:

    Homeopathy is the system of medicine which works on the principle of ‘like cures like’ (Similia Similibus curanter). This system of holistic healing was founded by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician.

    Hahnemann, who was translating the book on the medicinal properties of drugs, was reading the properties of the medicine Cinchona, when he read that Cinchona cures malaria, because of its bitter taste. Hahnemann was surprised by this statement and when he read on, he found a footnote which said that cinchona poisoning leads to malaria-like symptoms. This set him thinking and he decided to test the medicine of himself.

    He experienced the symptoms of malaria, by repeatedly taking the Cinchona medicine and after continuing his experiments found that those medicines which cause disease-like symptoms in healthy individuals are capable of curing the diseased individuals. So, homeopathy relies on the Materia Medica – a book containing the properties of medicines, properties which have been proved on healthy individuals.

    Homeopathic doctors rely on the materia medica as the authority for it contains not empty theories, but details of symptoms which were experienced by hundreds of provers. It is thus a system based on sound principles and as a result of solid experiments.

    Homeopathy Is Based On Few Hahnemannian Principles:

    ‘Like cures like’. Something that in large doses creates the symptoms of a disease, will, in small doses, cure it. This is similar to the theory behind vaccines.

    Law of minimum dose — it says that minimum possible single dose may be used to minimise side-effects of any medicine. Extreme dilution which enhances the medicine’s healing properties and eliminates undesirable side-effects along the way.

    The whole person must be taken into consideration when choosing a remedy.

    Hering’s law of cure — during perfect cure, symptoms may shift from above downward or from vital organs to less vital structures.

    Medicines are prepared by potentisation.

    Law of miasms — if indicated remedy do not work, despite the best possible selection, look for obstruction in cure, which he defined as a miasm.