Directorate of VISION for Wisdom

  • Directorate of VISION for Wisdom – Vethathiri Maharishi Institute for Spiritual and Intuitional Education

    The Vethathiri Maharishi Institute for Spiritual and Intuitional Education (popularly known as VISION for Wisdom) was established in 2004 at Aliyar by Thathuvagnani Vethathiri Maharishi. This Institute is the Education wing of The World Community Service Centre which was established by him in 1958 at Chennai.

    The purpose of education is not merely to provide the future citizen with means for earning his livelihood but to train him physically and mentally and bring out his full potential and help him to understand the whole process of life and the purpose of life. Only such training will enable him to take his proper place in society.– Thathuvagnani Vethathiri Maharishi.

  • Vision of the Institute

    To bring World Peace through Individual Peace.

    Mission of the Institute

    • To impart holistic education.

    • To achieve Peace, Prosperity, Health, Happiness, Harmony and Wisdom to one and all.

    • To be an innovative international institute; committed to excellence in teaching, research and knowledge transfer and to serve the social, cultural and spiritual needs of the world.

    • To provide equal opportunities to women students and prepare them to be equal partners in physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects.

    VISION Centers

    Presently , about 12000 students have joined for the courses in the Vision Centres.

    Other Activities

    Government of Tamil Nadu have issued an order vide 168 Dt. 16-07-2007 highlighting the importance of “Manavalakalai Yoga Practice” to be introduced in schools. The VISION Institute, in collaboration with the schemes of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan [SSA] have been organizing training courses for the teachers of SSA. The SSA to extend this education to all the students in primary and upper primary levels.

    Tamil Nadu State’s Mission For Education For All

    “For education to be complete, it should include not only the training of the intellect but also the refinement of the heart and discipline of the soul” – Dr. S. Radhakrishnan The purpose of the education is not only to make the children intellectually bright and mentally sound but also to prepare them physically fit to face the challenges in life. In order to cater to this need, it has been proposed to give training in Yoga to all the school going children, besides giving academic education as per G.O. No. 168 dated 16.07.2007.

    From the President, WCSC

    Thathuvagnani Vethathiri Maharishi has formulated Yoga for Human Excellence course as a spiritual education to humanity. The institute commits itself to enlighten the people of all walks of life through education and training. This yoga course provides humanity a spiritual, scientific, simple and practical way of achieving health, happiness and harmony. This value education is socially relevant. It transforms the students physically, mentally, spiritually and socially and enables them to excel in whatever field they choose to work. -Padma Shri A/N. SKM Maeilanandhan , WCSC.

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