Self Assessment Report



Online Self Assessment Report (Form -2)

Assistant Professor/Professor Self Assessment Report Form

Whethere any change in:

Date Name of The Trust/center/institution Place No.of.Participants Duration of class hours Course Details:Introspection/kayakalpa/PDC/Special Discourse/Vision course/Aliyar Course,Admission etc.

Details of Course conducted by the applicant :

1.Masters should record the courses in their diary and give proper informations. The courses will be assessed by points in the following manner. Introspection-12 Points, Kayakalpam -2 Points, Foundation Courses each class-2 Point,Vision Course-2 Points per class, Aliyar Course each class-2 Points, Aliyar Service perday -2 Points,Meditation or Philosophy below one hour-1 Point. Admitting a student to any Vision Course-10 Points (attach proof), Admitting a new Trainee to Foundaion Course - 2 Points (Masters taking class daily at centre mention the hours per month).School service, initiation, etc. mention as one unit (one hour)

2.Masters should fill in this form and send to the Director, SMART by each Quarter before ending 10-th of the next month, namely July, October, January & April.

3.The President, WCSC will appreciate the masters who rendered best service at the year end.

4.If more than one Master conducts the Introspection Course, the subject covered by each must be noted separately.