Selection, Training and Promotion




  • Assistant Professor (Trainee) – (APT)
  • Assistant Professor – (APR)
  • Professor (Trainee) – (PRT)
  • Professor – (PRO)
  • Senior Professor – (SPR)

I. Selection :

  1. Selection of Assistant Professor Trainees – (APT) from among the eligible candidates from WCSC and provide training as Assistant Professors. Applications for Assistant Professor Trainee will be called for through the Zones in Tamil Nadu and through Co-coordinating Committees and Trusts in the other states and abroad.

II. Training – (Masters Refresher Course):

  1. WCSC–Sky Professor training is a refresher course, which involves acquiring of philosophical knowledge, sharpening of teaching skills, attaining new heights in deep meditation, understanding the values of our institution and knowing about the new rules and regulations of WCSC. The course enables develop both the sky masters and the general public. The process ensures the spiritual growth of our sky professors gradually and individually.
  2. All categories of sky masters are expected to attend the Masters Refresher Course (MRC) every year, either at Aliyar or the other centers prescribed by SMART.
  3. The programme will be announced through Anboli, every year. MRC training experience is a must for the promotion of masters.

III. Promotion :

  1. Promotion from Assistant Professor Trainee (APT) to Assistant Professor (APR) will be on the basis of his/her Self Assessment Reports. (SAR)
  2. Promotion from Assistant Professor (APR) to Professor (Trainee) – (PRT) will be on the basis of his/her Self Assessment Reports and Written examination.
  3. Promotion from Professor Trainee (PRT) to Professor (PRO) will be on the basis of his/her Self Assessment Reports.
  4. Promotion from Professor (PRO) to Senior Professor (SPR) will be on the basis of his/her performance as well as the approval of the Board.

IV. Other Service :

  1. To collect and maintain “AFFIDAVIT” from all the masters.
  2. To issue Registration Number and I.D. Card to all eligible SKY masters.
  3. To issue authorization letter to Assistant Professor and further promotions.
  4. To collect, evaluate and record the “service points” of the masters in the data system.
  5. To mobilize funds and maintain SMART Directorate.
  6. To initiate disciplinary proceedings against any member who has violated the rules and regulation of the WCSC.